Delicious ideas for Christmas morning

Wake up to something wonderful with our festive ideas for breakfast, brunch and beyond

Catch of the day

Make breakfast worth getting out of bed early for on Christmas Day with our extra special The Collection beetroot and vodka Scottish Lochmuir smoked salmon. From a small smokehouse, established in 1913 on the shores of Spey Bay in Scotland, this twice-smoked Lochmuir salmon is marinated with beetroot, vodka and lemon juice for a distinctive appearance and flavour.

Serve with simple scrambled eggs and a dollop of horseradish mixed with crème fraîche and sprinkled with chives alongside toasted sourdough slices for a special start to festive celebrations. Alternatively, why not try whipping up a decadent breakfast in bed for guests with our quick recipe ideas below.

Get the smoked salmon

Start those long Christmas holiday mornings on a high by adding a seasonal twist to traditional favourites for breakfast or brunch

Winter fruits

Make a festive fruit salad with clementines, pomegranate seeds and grapefruit. Finish with cinnamon, desiccated coconut, honey and torn fresh mint leaves.

Best bacon butty

Spread warm crumpets with rich maple butter – add a little maple syrup to softened butter – and top with crispy bacon for a contrasting texture.

Luxe eggs

Stir a spoonful of crème fraîche into scrambled eggs just before serving. Pile on to toasted sourdough and serve with mushrooms for an indulgent veggie brekkie.

What makes our salmon so special?

  1. Responsibly sourced

    It’s been more than 10 years since we started working with our supplier to responsibly source our renowned Lochmuir salmon. This majestic fish is born in fresh water, then continues to grow in the cold, clean seawaters of Scotland.
  2. A taste of luxury

    The expansive waters mean there’s space for the fish to swim. They’re slow-grown and fed on a diet we’ve carefully formulated to include lots of fish oils, which results in succulent, rich fish – just the luxury to enjoy over the holidays.
  3. The expert touch

    Lochmuir salmon is a natural delight, so we treat it with care when it comes to preparing it for you, whether it’s salt-cured and smoked at our Spey Bay smokehouse, or whipped into a delicious terrine.

Cheers to lazy mornings

Add some sparkle to winter mornings and serve up your extravagant platter of salmon or seafood with a glass of our classic bucks fizz. You can add your own festive flourish by draping a piece of rosemary on the rim of the glass and freezing cranberries the day before to cool your fizz without watering it down.

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